Amanda Rumley

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I’m Amanda

I have been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga yoga since 2009. I spent years in a fast-paced corporate role that was starting to affect my mind and body negatively. I knew I needed a change- burnout was looming. Stepping into my first yoga class at a local studio, changed my life forever. The smell of sage, the calming sonar chimes, the pure and peaceful vibes… this was my happy place. Being called to bring yoga into my daily life transcended other areas of my life, almost instantly. I started to be mindful of what I put into my body and I also integrated a daily meditation practice.

This new spiritual path I have been led down has complimented my background as a professionally trained dancer and dance instructor. And, when you couple this with my love for yoga, gaining a yoga teacher certification in 2023 was destined in my horizon. Sharing my gift has allowed me to cultivate selflessness- yoga has encouraged me to move beyond the individual self and embrace a sense of interconnectedness with others. An aspect I am profoundly grateful for.

It is through our bodies and motion that we can truly venture outside of our minds, abandoning our comfort zone and thus, inherently venturing outside of ourselves. I welcome you all to join me, while together we can rise above our imagined boundaries and embrace our inherent capacity for compassion, kindness and love.