Elena Togias

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I’m Elena

My yoga journey started sometime in university when I was an undergrad studying Human Biology and French at U of T. What I can say is that I attempted a few yoga classes here and there, but none of those attempts felt quite right. Truthfully, I found yoga hard. The positions were unfamiliar, and my body felt awkward. Sometimes it was even painful. I chose to let go of yoga in favour of more familiar forms of movement that also felt awesome: aquatics (mostly water polo), biking, skating, and more. I continued to enjoy an active lifestyle as a student, while teaching English in France, and throughout my B. Ed. back in Toronto.

During my Master’s degree, I went to India on a life-changing 3-month internship, which felt more like 3 years. To this day, leaving Hyderabad to complete my studies in Linguistics & Language Teaching remains one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Needless to say, I had all the feels when I returned to Quebec City — nostalgia, sadness, overwhelm, along with plenty of reverse culture shock. One day, while running errands around town, I came across a flyer for a new yoga studio nearby. It caught my attention because it was advertising Hot Yoga at 38 °C, the exact temperature it had been in Hyderabad when I’d been there! Coincidence? I think not. The fact that yoga came to the west from India made it super easy for me to decide to give it a try, mainly as a way to maintain an energetic and spiritual connection to India from across the globe. Some kind of magic was at play, and I was hooked after the first class. I stuck with Hot Yoga — in French! — throughout my MA.

Let’s fast-forward through a few years, when I was working in East Africa and fell off the yoga wagon. As I was slowly settling back into Toronto life, my cousin invited me to join the energy exchange team at the yoga studio she was a part of. So, I did! One thing led to another (so it goes with me) and here I am now in 2023 with a long list of yoga teacher trainings (more than 500 hours’ worth) and over 2000 hours of yoga teaching experience under my belt since my initial certification in 2017. Reiki flowed naturally from yoga (I had been introduced to Reiki during my first yoga teacher training) in 2019, and the same magical healer who attuned me in Reiki also taught me to tap into my intuition reading Tarot cards one year later.

Working with clients one-on-one has become my specialty as well as my passion. This is where I feel at home, seeing one person deeply, whether it be yoga, Reiki, or Tarot.

Are you ready to start your yoga/healing journey? Or step into your next level if you’ve already begun? I’m here to guide you, and I want to hear your story along the way.

My favourite quote at the moment.

“I did not come to teach you.
I came to love you.
Love will teach you.”