Maya Golis

Yoga Teacher

Hello! I’m Maya

I am a certified functional yoga teacher, currently continuing my studies under the lineage of Judith Hansen Lasather. Yoga has had a powerful impact in my life. About 5 years ago, while dealing with challenging life events, I began practicing yoga as a means for grounding myself and regaining a sense of calm. I noticed that incorporating small movements while integrating my breath provided some much needed relief and allowed me to connect to myself in a peaceful, compassionate way. The incredible benefits I experienced while practising yoga were the catalyst to my teacher journey. It is my hope that by practicing yoga together I can help others connect to themselves and find peace in their bodies and minds.

My classes are focused on functional movement and strength, with a special focus on gentle movement and grounding. I like to work with breath and body to create a sense of ease and connection with one’s self. Through closer connection to ourselves we can become more in tune with our creative capacity and with our interactions with others. As a dancer, this is something that is very important to me. I like to approach yoga as a friendly invitation into movement and connection, and create a safe class where everyone is welcome just as they are ! I hope to see you on the mat soon.