Olivia Korwan

Registered Massage Therapist

Hello! I’m Olivia

After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Dalhousie University and University of King’s College, I spent a few years working in kitchens living the line cook life. I always knew I would never be able to spend my life working at a desk, and I knew I wanted my work to help people in some way, so I decided to try my hand (pun intended) at massage therapy. The rest is history! I can’t imagine doing anything else.  

My approach to massage is attentive and empathetic. I tend to use firmer pressure, but I always make sure to check in and make sure my clients are comfortable throughout the treatment. I try not to use a “one size fits all” routine during my treatments, and instead cater each massage to individual needs and goals.

When I’m not at work you can find me singing, playing synth or playing bass guitar in one of my various musical projects. We play shows regularly around the city and more recently in Montreal. Live music and events are a huge part of my life and have been since I was thirteen years old. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today without them! My idea of the perfect night at home is curling up with my kitties, Zarathustra and Toki Wartooth, reading a good book (Nietzsche perhaps?) doing some yoga and cooking a delicious meal. I try to live my life as presently as possible because I believe all the rushing and fretting and hustling that seem to drive our culture ultimately cause us to miss out on the little moments that make life so full and hilariously beautiful.